When Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine organized a mock Israeli checkpoint on campus Wednesday, a group of pro-Israel students reportedly counter-protested by holding Israeli flags and signs and calling for peace.

That didn’t sit too well with the pro-Palestinian activists, according to Legal Insurrection, as one remarked on camera, “F*** you Zionist scums.”

Then kat yang-stevens (who apparently doesn’t use capital letters in her name), a non-student activist, appeared to get right in the face of a pro-Israel activist, claimed he was touching her, and then challenged him to hit her.

“Get your f***in’ camera out of my face!” yang-stevens yelled, later telling him, “Go ahead, slap me bitch! Do it, do it, do it.”

At another point someone arguing with pro-Israel activists said “the Constitution of the United States is bulls**t.”


The activist who said he was harassed by yang-stevens didn’t want his name revealed, but he told Legal Insurrection she came “within a centimeter” of his face and was “breathing deliberately and forcefully” on him.

“I never initiated with her or her fellow protesters,” the activist told Legal Insurrection. “I was attacked, and effectively spit on, for being Jewish and taking a video.”

Here’s a compilation of clips from the incident. (Content warning: Multiple profanities and rough language):

Courtesy of The Blaze

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