Facebook Bans Conservatives For Complaining About Censorship


What the heck was Facebook thinking?

For the past few weeks they’ve been the subject of intense scrutiny surrounding their “Trending” news stories feature. While their algorithm should display the most discussed stories on the social network, they’ve been accused to censoring conservative stories to squash their reach.

Well, they’ve just confirmed that they’re censoring conservatives. How to we know? They’re now censoring conservatives… for accusing Facebook of censoring conservatives. As InfoWars reports:

According to conservative commentator Lauren Southern, Facebook has banned all the moderator accounts that ran the ‘Disdain For Plebs’ page, which had over 176,000 likes.

The ban came after a post was removed which merely argued that Donald Trump was not anti-Muslim.

Southern herself had a post removed for drawing attention to the censorship.

She was then blocked for 30 days for saying Facebook is censoring conservatives.


Well, there you have it. And it’s no surprise that liberals have to resort to censorship – it’s not like the facts are on their side.

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