Facebook deems war hero’s amputated legs as offensive.


How is it that his deformity is offensive? That’s his leg… typical liberal garbage!

Retired Corporal Andy Reid, 37, from the UK lost both of his legs and and arm while serving in Afghanistan was told by Facebook that the image of his new leg, which would be his stump is “offensive”

He posted a photo of his leg with the caption ‘hard work on the legs today’. Apparently the liberal Obama-bots at Facebook didn’t think it was funny, but rather offensive.

Facebook removed the innocent image, even though they allow clips of ISIS beheadings and other violent things in general.

Corporal Reid told The Sun:

[quote_box_center] ‘It’s just a picture of my leg at the end of the day. What’s offensive about it? ‘This is nowhere near as offensive as some of the pictures spreading from Islamic State fighters. What’s the difference between me without my leg on and pictures of what’s going in Gaza?   [/quote_box_center]

Corporal Reid  stated he  only posted the photo to raise awareness to what its like to be an amputee. He won an award for overcoming adversity at The Sun’s ‘Millies’ in 2010 and met the Queen during a ‘Not Forgotten’ Association Garden party in 2009.




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