Facebook Employees Drop BOMBSHELLS About Zuckerberg – ‘Runs Facebook Like A North Korea-Style Cult’…

Most people perceive Mark Zuckerberg as a pretty relaxed open minded guy but recent reports indicate otherwise.

Facebook employee’s have allegdly nicknamed him ‘the little emperor.’ In reference to his KGB style of management in which he monitors every single move of the staff to the nth degree. Or so says Antonioni Garcia Martinez.


He is a former advertising manager who alleges that slogans like “our work is never done” are smeared all over the the CEO’s office walls. He also claims Zuckerberg swears at employees that anger him by not decorating his office the way he wishes.

Among other things, he apparently asks staff to paint his office and sent profanity laced emails out when he found out they etched disrespectful and rude drawings onto the walls. According to Martinez he said,

I trusted you to create art and what you f*****g did was vandalise the place.”

He further claims the wealthy CEO has private internal security monitoring systems around the clock. When an employee leaked unknown details of a new product launch Zuckerberg allegedly became furious and emailed out a letter titled “Please Resign.”

He called the leaker someone with a bad moral nature who had betrayed the team. Sexism is apparently a thing in corporate Facebook world too.where female employees are forced to where a stringent and specific dress code.

Human Resources apparently gave speeches during employee initiation for new employees where they forbid women from wearing what they deemed as distracting clothing. If they didn’t obey they would be read the riot act.

Martinez said,

Our male HR authority, with occasional backup from his female counterpart, launched into a speech about avoiding clothing that ‘distracted’ coworkers. I’d later learn that manager did in fact pull aside female employees and read them the riot act. One such example happened in (advertising) when an intern who looked about 16 coming in regularly in booty shorts.”

Perhaps Zuckerberg’s cool mystique is finally wearing down. Or perhaps these are tall tales by a former disgruntled employee upset they were let go?

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