Facebook And Google Ready To Kill Alternative Media For The Government

What does the mainstream media fear the most? Independent journalists.

In an age where anyone with a cellphone or and internet connection can do the work of a journalist and expose the media’s lies, it’s no surprise that they fear competition. That’s why when you see the latest crude against “fake news,” while some of the sites targeted undoubtedly are fake, a number of legitimate sites have been lumped in with them.

Merrimack College assistant professor Melissa Zimdars is the author of  author of the “fake news” list that has been circulating online – and guess what? She’s a leftist. That’s why sites like Breitbart, the Daily Wire, and World Net Daily ended up on her list. This genius also added satire websites on her list of “fake news,” apparently unaware that no one is actually being fooled by The Onion – they’re reading it to laugh.

But Facebook and Google don’t care, and are ready to take action to take down some fake sites – and a whole lot of real ones too.

As The Anti Media reported:

This week three media goliaths — Facebook, Google, and Twitter, who collectively act as information gatekeepers for the Internet — announced they would begin implementing censorship practices against news sites they deem misleading.

Websites that publish “fake,” misleading, or even satirical news will now be subject to a sliding scale of infractions that will target ad revenue and social media algorithms. Without ad revenue from monetization platforms like Google Adsense, many of these sites would not be able to continue publishing, and without Facebook’s distribution platform, even sites with good organic reach could find their traffic severely crippled.

“Moving forward, we will restrict ad serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher’s content, or the primary purpose of the web property,” Google stated, following the lead of Mark Zuckerberg.

As many of us are aware, Facebook has attracted controversy in the past for censoring conservative opinion. They purposefully hid popular conservative stories from showing up as “trending,” which squashed their reach. It attracted a lot of attention, and led to their entire team in charge of the algorithm for picking trending stories being fired.

Are we really to think that they wouldn’t do something similar again? Liberals have been robbing our paychecks forever – now they’re going to punish conservative content creators? For all we know, us at Freedom Daily could be their next target.

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