Facebook had French Flag Tool, Yet No Stars & Stripes Tool After Jihad in California


via BUZZPO: Many Facebook users are rightfully very upset, including Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, Facebook was nearly instantaneous in rolling out their ‘French Flag Tool.’

However, days after the obvious Jihadi-style attack in San Bernardino, there’s still no American flag tool. And Friday, the FBI has officially called it an act of terrorism.

On her Facebook Page, Michelle Malkin stated:

Question: Why is it that Facebook had a special French flag filter for the Paris jihad victims but not the San Bernardino jihad victims?! I just changed by FB profile pic to show solidarity with the American victims of jihad in San Bernardino and across the country.

It’s a small gesture, but we must not be silent. “If you see something, say something”–CAIR & P.C. White House officials be damned!

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