Facebook Headquarters Puts Up Massive ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign Following Dallas Shooting

Facebook has decided to support the quasi-terrorist organization Black Lives Matter by posting a huge flag with the movements name outside their headquarters. They were placed outside their offices after five Dallas cops were brutally murdered. Since their murderers were inspired by Black Lives Matter protests, it is disgraceful for Facebook to support them.

#blacklivesmatter ?

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The banners name was made up of the deceased names of African American men and women who had been killed by law enforcement.

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Facebook’s CEO has long supported the Black Lives Matter movement going so far as reprimanding employees who say, “all lives matter.”

Management at the liberal social media company has been accused of reprimanding and castigating, even censoring, their conservative employees and conservative content. But of course they support Black Lives Matter protestors who killed police officers.

For Facebook to endorse the Black Lives Matter movement is endorsing their behavior. Since they have been inspired other rioters and followers to kill cops and white people the connection is clear. They are condoning their violent and aggressive behavior. Which includes murder and cop killing. This is utterly and completely unacceptable.

What law enforcement needs is our support in their time of need not knowing their enemies have others support. The irony is these officers are sworn to protect the very people who protest them and don’t support them and they do it every day with a smile on their face. Here these thugs have the audacity to turn their backs on them.

Justice will soon prevail no doubt. Let’s all make sure our brothers and sisters in blue know they have our unfailing and undying support each and every day. Remember, blue lives matter, too.

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