Hate Speech? Facebook Refuses To Remove “I Want To F**king Kill Donald Trump” Page

It’s no wonder people are accusing Facebook of censoring conservatives.

Make two nearly identical pages, one calling for violence against Israel, and the other calling for violence against Palestine, and the anti-Palestinian one will be removed. Heck – censorship has gotten so bad at Facebook that the Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern had her account censored for accusing Facebook of censorship.

Call for violence against Hillary or Bernie and your page will be (rightly) removed. But against Trump? Don’t count on it. Infowars reports:


Yesterday, Facebook announced that it was teaming up with Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft and the European Union to stop “racist, violent and illegal content” by agreeing to review flagged posts within 24 hours and have them removed if necessary.

The company has also vowed to promote “independent counter-narratives” that encourage “non-discrimination, tolerance and respect.”

Despite being flagged by Facebook users on multiple occasions, a “cause” page entitled “I F**king Want to Kill Donald Trump” remains active over seven weeks after it was created.

The profile picture for the page features an image of Trump in make-up with a newspaper headline that reads “Dead Clown Walking”.

The most recent post on the page shows an image of Trump as a corpse and is captioned, “What is your weapon of choice?” above an image of a knuckle duster, a brick and a golf club.

And what happens when you try to report the page? You get a message like this…


To no surprise: Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg opposes Donald Trump.

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