Family of Black Boy Found Burned Alive in Trash Can, UNLOADS on Black Lives Matter

Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

Look at any BLM riot over a police killing of a black man by police, and by the times the ritots are over, a hundred black men will have been killed by other causes (mainly other black men). When have you heard black lives matter care about any of them?

The only time I’ve seen BLM riot over black on black crime is when it’s a black cop shooting a black man – which they still somehow think is racist. According to the FBI statistics, there were twice as many whites than blacks killed by police in 2015, and blacks were more likely to kill cops than be killed by cops.

Those facts are inconvenient to BLM’s narrative, which is why you never see their leaders and founders debating their opponents on television. They’re practically a cult, and allowing engagement with anyone outside the fold tends to not work out well for cults.

Every black person should be outraged that a movement only pretends to care about their lives when it’s due to hatred of police, not care for the fallen.

Via Right Wing News

A 15-year-old kid was found burnt and tossed in a garbage can.

He was the kind of kid that every parent hopes for, helping out neighbors by walking their dogs, always following curfew, and was always good-natured.

But on September 16th, Demetrius Griffin Jr. didn’t come home at curfew. That is when his mother realized something was very, very wrong.

After his body was found, his mother and aunt plead with the community to come forward with any information they had about his murder(ers).

‘What I need this community to understand is when you took this baby’s life you affected this whole family. You didn’t just take his life. And if you’re out here and you see this and you’re listening, look at what you did to this family.”

When his aunt Virginia Riley took to the microphone, she called out Black Lives Matter, who has been noticeably silent during this whole case.

“Don’t turn your back this time, y’all. We really need to find the solution or real, I mean, if you all talk about ‘Black Lives Matter,’ this life did matter.

Unfortunately, over five-hundred lives have been taken in Chicago alone so far this year. Given the average number of black men killed by police every year, it would take years before they could reach the death toll that’s in just one city.

Don’t be fooled: Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives.

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