Welcome To Obama’s America: Family Fined, Threatened With Jail For Building A Sand Castle

His name is Bryant Rylee, he and his family were at the beach last week putting together a pretty sweet sand castle. That was when they were confronted by police. The officer, there to protect and serve was patrolling the beach for illegal castles.

Yes, apparently there are sand castles that can get you in trouble with the law. Obviously, this police officer was bored, because he took it upon himself to stop and tell this family that they were in violation of the law.

As most of us would, the Rylee family thought he was kidding, however, it was no joke. No one got it, it seemed too weird, but then in a facebook post, Rylee explained what the issue was.

It is ‘illegal’ to build a sand castle with a hole that is deeper than two feet, except THEIR hole as he explained was not 2 feet deep but one. So how was it in violation? Rylee claims it wasn’t.

However as it turned out, it isn’t the hole that this police officer was protecting society from, it was Rylee’s son’s equipment that was a violation, and actually criminal. Rylee, however, wasn’t buying it. So he asked for more information, he wanted to know what ordinance he was violating.

It was this questioning of authority that led to the police escalating the call.
Before the police officer could tell Rylee which ordinance he was violating, the family was apparently surrounded by police.

Rylee who says he’s a devout Christian, also says he supports law enforcement and prays “daily for their protection” he also mentioned on his social media account that, “I do believe that we the people have a right to ask what ordinance number or to see the ordinance.” and doesn’t understand why the situation had to escalate to the point that it did.

It just sounds silly, really. First that the police officer was roaming the beach looking for ways to catch people breaking the law….while building sandcastles? It’s just too strange…

I would like to be protected from actual bad guys please like normal police officers do…

You know, the ones that actually fight to protect and serve. Not this lady who wanted to spend her time on the beach looking for problems that have nothing to do with protecting and serving…I mean, not unless Rylee’s son was using an AK-47 to dig the castle walls with….

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