Excerpted from Mad World News: With the release of horrifying Islamic propaganda from ISIS, more Americans are feeling comfortable coming out of the “jihad closet” to confirm their faith in Islam and justify oppressive Islamic Sharia law.

On Saturday, Muslim hip hop rapper Lupe Fiasco spoke up about his beliefs, and the backwards responses he gave on Twitter are reminiscent of Muslim hypocrisy.

According to BET, Lupe first declared his allegiance to Islam, and confirmed a belief that the religion will soon rule the world, we’re guessing not by peaceful debate.

Twitter user @Aubi_chon asked the “B—h Bad” rapper if he thought “one day Islam would be the world’s religion and conquer the world,” and Lupe gave him a simple, one-word response, “Yes.”

Lupe also offered his opinion on women’s place in Islam, in America and how they are viewed globally. After an inquisitive follower asked Lupe the “serious question” about women being considered equals to males in Islam, Lupe got political and shot back with: “Depends. Where are women equal anywhere though?” He followed up those comments with a question of his own: “Depends on the women…Is Secular American more advanced morally than say Saudi Arabia?” Lupe asked.

Although we’re uncertain if the rapper truly believes that repressed, apartheid Saudi Arabia is more respecting of equal rights, he may have forgotten that the Muslim country operates under Sharia law, which stones adulterers, hangs women for their own rape, and executes homosexuals.

Although music and Western secularism is widely criticized as haram and even punished under Sharia law, which is based upon the Quran and Sunnah, that doesn’t stop Lupe from picking and choosing which example of Muhammad he follows.

Lupe admits he has trouble abstaining from smoking and drinking in the music businesses, but does his best to adhere to halal standards.

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