One Fast-Food Chain Just Defied Obama, Took Epic Stand For Christianity, Will You Support Them?

President Obama and his refusal to say Merry Christmas is a flagrant attempt to try and shame Christians into believing they should be embarrassed of there faith. However, the progressive politician brushes it Of for as political correctness and multicultural sensitivity.

In reality, it is simply perpetuating anti Christian sentiment. There isn’t one fast food chain that sees things just the way we do too. Media reports indicate the sandwich chain Jimmy John’s, which is sent located and based out in the Midwest, has embraced President Elect Trump’s new policy.

They support him in his pledge that they will not tolerate any type of religious discrimination. Customers of the establishment have backed up these claims. One reddit user who’s username is jrosen94 shared a photograph of a wrapper from the restaurant showing a Merry Christmas.

The shared reddit message got 6,000 up votes. A few people posted comments onto the reddit status,

A cashier told me and my very Lebanese mother ‘Goodbye and Merry Christmas!’ And my mother looks at me and says: See? It’s because of Trump that people are saying Merry Christmas again!”

There certainly seems to be a upsurge in people saying Merry Christmas and it is the first time in a long time. It no doubt is correlated to President Elect Donald Trump’s election win. He promised that people would no longer be ashamed of saying Merry Christmas and it certainly appears to be the case. It is already taking effect. If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders were elected it  would definitely not be this way. Not at all.

Hopefully Jimmy John’s is one of many restaurants to follow suit. People can finally be proud and unembarrassed to proclaim their faith and their love of their faith. Hopefully we have eight years of this instead of just four.

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