Fast Food Employee Denies Service To Cop – Gets SWIFT JUSTICE!

Swift justice was served on a Taco Bell employee who refused to serve two sheriff’s deputies in Alabama: she was fired.

Jay Jones, sheriff of Lee County, said the female cashier at the Phenix City Taco Bell told his deputies Saturday night that the restaurant didn’t serve law enforcement, the Ledger-Enquirer is reporting.

“It happened around 9:40 p.m. central time,” Jones said. “They thought the cashier was kidding. When they realized she wasn’t, they left. It is very disappointing that officers would be treated in such a negative fashion because we try to treat everyone with respect.”

Jones said he was told a person eating at the establishment was overheard by the deputies as approving of the employee’s action.

The wife of one of the deputies took to Facebook to explain what happened:

When the restaurant’s district manager arrived Sunday, he said he was investigating the matter.

“That is not our policy, not in any way,” Robert Chauvin said. “This will be rectified.”

By that night, the employee was fired.

“In the course of the investigation at the Taco Bell in Phenix City, Tacala, the franchise owner of that location, has terminated the employee who refused service to two Lee County Deputies on July 16th,” a statement from Taco Bell read. “Tacala has contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Department to apologize directly to the two Deputies and assure them of their ongoing support of law enforcement.”

Jones said he just didn’t want the business blamed for the hateful actions of a single individual.

Police are under increasing pressure on all sides as groups like Black Lives Matter call them violent racists and other groups gun them down. The last thing they need is some rotten employee telling them they can’t get a bite to eat.

via FP

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