Father Arrested and Banned From Seeing His 2-Year-Old Cancer-Stricken Daughter For Giving Her This


Australian dad Adam Koessler is enduring every parent’s nightmare – watching his daughter suffer from cancer.

Rumer-Rose, age 2, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. Mr. Koessler allegedly administered cannabis oil mixed with coconut to his daughter and saw “miraculous” results in pain and seizure management.

Image Credit: Facebook

He was arrested January 2 when he was “caught giving cannabis oil to his daughter,” which is a criminal offense in Australia. He is now out on bail but was not allowed to see Rumer. The little girl was moved to intensive care January 9, after her her seizures worsened.

A Facebook page advocating for Mr. Koessler, “Fearless Father,” described the situation:

“Unfortunately, despite a judge in both the family court and the Brisbane magistrates court making orders that allow Adam to see Rumer, and a person to supervise the visit being in place at a court appointed time, the hospital and Rumers mother are not prepared to honour those court orders.

“Adam waited at the hospital for hours yesterday, after driving 4 hours to Brisbane, only to be eventually told by nursing staff, a member of child protection and security guards that he needed to leave the hospital. So he still has NOT seen Rumer.

Supporters have started a Change.org petition to raise awareness and funds for both Rumer’s treatment and Koessler’s legal expenses. As of publication, the petition has more than 85,000 signatures.

Koessler’s next court date is Tuesday in Brisbane.

—Courtesy of IJ Review

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