Father Devastated After Young Daughter Is Brutally Attacked By Mob Of Feral Black Thugs (VIDEO)

Obama has been in power for 8 years and since his start, the nation has seemed to increase in violence. There is a very clear divide happening in our country and everyday we hear more and more stories that go to prove this claim.

Segregation has been requested in some of our universities, by none other than Black students themselves. Asking for ‘safe places’ so that they don’t have to face ‘words’ because the old saying of sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me…is a thing of the past.

Under Obama’s rule, words…can break your bones, because it is words that are even breaking our country right now.

“Hope” and “Change” ….those words started us on this path of destruction. They seem to mean well, but have led us down the road to an America 8 years later, that has succumbed to the lies and dark deeds of our own nation’s leaders.

Things have become ridiculous. You can barely even have a normal conversation without one of Obama’s minions picking out at every word to look for ways for you to be racist or a bigot.

However, there are stories that don’t get reported as loudly…because it just doesn’t fit the agenda of Obama and his children. Those are the stories we will tell.

Keeping it real.

One father learned the hard way, that hiding from the hatred of Obama’s America is not as easy as it may seem, no matter who you are.

Last Friday Joe Lauletta received a phone call that would change his entire outlook on reality. He learned that his 19-year old daughter had been brutally attacked after watching a Temple football game.

Joe Lauletta and his daughter Christina, who was left injured in the mindless violence
Joe Lauletta and his daughter Christina, who was left injured in the mindless violence

A mob of teen boys had made a post to Instagram that had gone viral and resulted in 4 arrests. This group of boys started to congregate outside of the North Philadelphia movie theater to watch “Ouija: Origin of Evil” when the crowd turned violent, then they attacked.

Lauletta’s teen daughter and her friends were just returning from the university campus after the game when they were surrounded by the mob of 30-40 teens.


Christina Lauletta after the attack
Christina Lauletta after the attack

Lauletta’s daughter Christina posted a note to Facebook four days later.


Footage of this attack was released by police that was caught on film by a pizza shop. It captured part of the chaotic scene. With this release the suspects were described as “approximately 20 black juvenile males and females.”

Lauletta’s daughter thankfully had no broken bones but was beat up pretty good. Her and her family and the community are left wondering just how something like this could happen….just why?

Christina Lauletta (Left) - Source: Facebook
Christina Lauletta (Left) – Source: Facebook

The problem is people like those who claim to be a “movement” in Black Lives Matter. They are creating such rage in the minds and hearts of people that cannot think for themselves, that now… these people walk around believing they are the victims in this nation, and everyone else can go to hell with their laws and their rules.

They are now not just lawless, but feel they are justified to be lawless. They want violence, they want crime…because it’s no longer breaking the law to them, it’s fighting for freedom. A freedom that they have always had, but have been tricked into believing they have been duped.

Quite frankly, “stupid” has take over.

People don’t know, what they don’t know. That’s how stupid takes over, and our nation’s leaders can hide their dark secrets in PLAIN SIGHT!

The corruption is rising, and good men’s hearts are failing them under the pressure.

We don’t need a hero, what we need is the “everyday Americans” to stop being victim to the trickery of the corrupt. We need to remember who is actually in power here. Then take our place.

Joe Lauletta knows who can make sure attacks like this don’t happen again. He’s voting for Trump.


Jeff Rainforth contributed to this article.

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