Eduardo Alberto Figueroa, a 40-year-old St. Paul man, died in his own home after defending his daughter from three violent black attackers.

This is yet another incident where a group of black thugs beat and killed a white or hispanic person for no apparent reason. (H/T Defund)

As he celebrated his birthday with his daughter at a popular local restaurant & bar, the random group of thugs attacked Figueroa shortly after midnight, beating him to within inches of his life.

According to his wife, Maria Figueroa, the thugs who beat Figueroa “Kicked him and they didn’t stop. They just kept on going.” She added, “I just want them caught.”

Figueroa refused medical treatment after the brutal attack, claiming he would make it there on his own after he went home.

Before he got a chance to do that, he called out to his wife for help just before he began to vomit and eventually collapsed, dying inside his home.

This is yet another story of black on white or hispanic crime that won’t be reported in mainstream media.


It will be buried along with the countless other stories of proven crimes where black thugs killed a white or hispanic person in cold blood.

When white Officer Darren Wilson shot black Michael Brown in apparent self defense, the media went absolutely crazy within hours.

Not only was the media whipped into a frenzy, but popular race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and even outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder got involved – not to mention the White House.

Why is it that black-on-white crimes, especially ones that involve violent murder by groups of black thugs, aren’t important enough to garner media attention and spark appropriate outrage across the country?


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