Father Guards the Door While Daughter Uses Target Restroom..Then This Happens (VIDEO)


Wow! Target employees wouldn’t even let a Father protect his daughter from sexual predators! This is insane!

It’s only logical that fathers stand guard near the restroom when shopping at Target (and other stores) from here on out.

Men being allowed to use the women’s room is a blight on our society, and it will come back to haunt us.

From Faith Family America:

A YouTube commentator and father known as Dave “Coach Dave” Daubenmire walked into Target a few days ago with his smartphone video camera turned on and asked employees to clarify the company’s new policy that allows anyone to use restrooms that match their self-determined “gender identity” even if it doesn’t correspond to their biological sex. The answers he got to his questions were surreal.

Way to take a stand.

I’m sure Daubenmire signed the #BoycottTarget pledge, standing up for young girls and women who feel uncomfortable with men next to them.

What a time to be alive.

Via YC

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