Father of Benghazi Victim CHALLENGES Criminal Hillary Clinton to Lie-Detector Test (VIDEO)

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Hillary Clinton still has much to answer for regarding Benghazi. The terrorist attack which left four Americans dead haunts her presidency as it remains clear by her stonewalling that she refuses to divulge the truth about the terrorist attack, her failure to secure the compound, her failure to act while it was under attack and her shameful crafting of a preposterous narrative about the nature of the attack in the immediate aftermath.

To combat her obfuscation of facts and her insistence that she did not lie to family members about the deaths of their loved ones, Charles Woods, the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who was killed in Benghazi, has challenged the 2016 presidential candidate to sit-down to a polygraph test which could force her to be truthful about the circumstances of his son’s death and Clinton’s words to him in the days after Tyrone’s murder.

“I would love to sit down with Hillary Clinton, if she’d agree to do it as well, and at the same table by the same operator, have a lie detector test,” Charles Woods stated in an interview.

Immediately after the attack, she and President Obama worked to further a flimsy narrative which claimed that the attack was really a protest over a YouTube video that got out-of-hand.

While few believed the story, the Obama Administration continued to push the narrative, even to family members of those slain by terrorists and negligent bureaucrats.

“There’s been four different family members representing three of the families that were victims, and they all said basically the same thing: that she blamed the attack on the video,” Woods stated. Read More


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