Father of Raped and Murdered ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Endorses Donald Trump (VIDEO)

At least one of the parents of an American who has been killed by ISIS is backing Donald Trump as the candidate who can defeat them.

Kayla Mueller was an American woman killed by ISIS in February of last week. She had been an aid worker in Syria, and was an activist part of an array of left-wing groups, such as the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement.

It’s reported that ISIS caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi personally raped Mueller, and that she was also tortured. ISIS claims that instead of killing Mueller herself, she was killed in an airstrike.

Following her death, Obama promised to donate money to a charitable foundation set up in Kayla’s name…. which took him a while. Today, Obama has finally donated to the — more than a year after promising he would.

Obama even included a handwritten note apologizing for the delay. If only the American public got an apology from Obama for all his other shortcomings.

Well, after finally receiving their donation from the President – Mueller’s family is endorsing Donald Trump. As The Gateway Pundit reported:

Counter-terrorism officials believe Mueller may have been married off to Baghdadi while she was in captivity.

On Saturday night in Arizona Carl Mueller, the father of Kayla Mueller, endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Carl spoke to the huge crowd that turned out to see Donald Trump in Phoenix.

This was powerful.

“We truly feel we had many opportunities to save Kayla,” Carl Mueller told the crowd. “In our desperate efforts to save our daughter, we pleaded with the administration to let us do what was needed, but they refused and blocked us from doing what we needed to do many times,” Mueller said. “It’s time for a change.”

Carl has been outspoken in criticizing the Obama administration for what he sees as its failure to win his daughter’s freedom. He has said the family was told by government officials that they could face prosecution if they paid a ransom.

Well, if Trump was President, there would’ve been no need for them to try to have paid a ransom. He would’ve rescued Kayla – and then bombed the living hell out of ISIS – unlike our current President who blocks 75% of airstrikes against the terror group.

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