This Father Lost His Twin Babies To Chemical Attack, But What He Said About Trump Just SHOCKED Everyone

A mourning father whose has lost not only his wife but also his baby twins in the Syria chemical attack, has some strong words for President Trump, over his missile strike on various targets in Syria:

Thank you, and keep it up.

Abdul Hamid Youssef, 29, had to bury his wife, Dalal al-Saha, and their nine-month-old twins Ahmad and Aya after the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun located in northern Syria.

It was only after Trump gave the orders for the US airstrikes on Syria’s Shayrat Air Base where the planes believed to be used to reign destruction down on the Syrian people, that he shared his thoughts on the matter:

‘The American attack against the [Assad military base] airport is a good step, but not enough, because the regime has many airports which help it to continue killing its people and destroying liberated cities.’

‘Now they have hit one airport. But the criminal Assad has more than 20 airports and this [bombing them] is the primary sensible thing that they can do.’

‘These operations have lifted our spirits and stopping them is frankly shocking. The suffering in Syria needs to stop as soon as possible.’

Abdul Hamid even said that he had hoped the UN and the international community would target and destroy the regime’s strategic positions along with the chemical stores that it obviously has hidden. ‘They are enough to kill Syrian people and people in neighboring countries.’

The US strikes were apparent retaliation for the sarin gas that was used by Asad forces in the initial attack. It was totaled to be around 86 innocent people killed due to the gassing. These fatalities also included dozens of Abdulhamid’s closest family members.

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