FBI Director Gets HUGE Wake-Up Call from Congress After Letting Hillary Off the HOOK

A few months ago when FBI director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook, didn’t it almost seem like he was reading a script while being held hostage? He read off a number of lies of Hillary Clinton that she gave in defense of her private email server… before then saying the FBI wouldn’t pursue charges and that there was nothing they could do.

The basis for the decision was that while Hillary clearly broke the law repeatedly, she hasn’t done so intentionally, so they couldn’t charge her. There are countless legal cases where intent was irrelevant, so it’s a mystery why the same standard wasn’t applied to Hillary (OK – it’s not REALLY a mystery).

Just weeks after that FBI investigation closed, another opened up to investigate the practices of the Clinton Foundation, which was faced accusations of acting as a personal slush fund for the Clintons. In most years less than 10 percent of the Foundation’s revenues go towards charitable grants. While the Clinton’s have vigorously defended the alleged accomplishments of their Foundation, if they really could do so much good for the world, why allocate such a small amount of your budget towards it?

That investigation is still pending, but meanwhile, now Comey is finding himself subpoenaed.

As Right Wing News reported:

House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, subpoenaed FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday for documents and information related to the security of the private email account and server Hillary Clinton used when she led the State Department.

Smith asked Comey for the documents in a Sept. 9 letter, but then issued the subpoena after Comey failed to comply with the request.

“The committee continues to have questions about the structure and security of the email system used by former Secretary Clinton and whether she and her staff employed cybersecurity standards required by FISMA,” the statement from the committee read. But I doubt they will ever get the answers they are seeking… they will get stonewalled by the Obama Administration, the FBI and the Clintons, just as they always do.

We seem to no longer have three functioning separate branches of government in this nation. The Executive Branch seems to rule over all now, making the Judicial Branch submissive to it and the Legislative Branch all but irrelevant. There is no better example of that than the corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton.

Hillary can’t seem to stay out of the FBI’s eye for even a moment, and now even their closed investigations into her are still somewhat-active. Those in power must really think that she’ll be the next President and are hedging their bets in that case, or else they’re letting her get away with all this for nothing.

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