FBI Director Makes “Shocking” Announcement About Police in America… They Need Support


James Comey knows a few things about law enforcement. As director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he’s in charge of over ten thousand Special Agents around the country.

He’s also one of the officials who keeps track of crime statistics — and one of those numbers should shock everyone in America. While speaking at the funeral of NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu, the FBI boss revealed that deaths of police officers spiked in 2014.

“One hundred and fifteen were killed last year,” he solemnly stated. “That’s a shocking increase from 2013. I don’t understand evil and I cannot try.”

Officer Liu and his partner Rafael Ramos were gunned down while simply sitting in their police car in New York City. The shooter was motivated by anti-police protests and radical rhetoric.

According to Fox News, the FBI counted 76 law enforcement officers killed on duty during 2013. That means a disturbing 97% increase in officer deaths occurred during the last year.

Those numbers show the very real impact of hatred against police. Not long ago, protesters marched in the streets and chanted for “dead cops.” Sadly, they seem to be getting what they wanted.

Director Comey expressed his hope that Americans “make something good out of the tragedy … so that evil does not rule the day.”

It is very easy to criticize the police from an anonymous internet account or as a masked face in an angry crowd.

However, there is nothing easy about being a cop in today’s vile environment. Officers risk everything to serve their neighbors, and they deserve our support.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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