FBI investigating major Islamic State terrorism plot in U.S


From Pam Gellar: Every day another Islamic plot to maim, destroy, slaughter in the cause of Allah. Every day.

And the enemedia asks, “will the islamophobia never end?”

And the political and cultural elites decry our ads: “if someone gets killed, it will be your fault!”
If the media, academic and cultural elites were as tough on the jihadists as they are on myself and my colleagues, we’d have these savages beat.

FBI investigating possible Islamic State terrorism plot in U.S.: CNN,” Reuters, April 26, 2015

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating a possible Islamic State-inspired terrorism plot in the United States, CNN reported on Saturday, quoting law enforcement officials.

A Federal law enforcement official who asked not to be named said there was a known threat to Los Angeles International Airport, but did not say whether this was a new threat or was associated with Islamic State.

CNN said the investigation started after intercepted communication and other intelligence information that led officials to believe that a plot could be under way.

The network quoted an official as saying the plot focused on parts of California and that officials there had stepped up security.

The Transportation Security Administration had also alerted local law enforcement agencies responsible for security around airports in the state although the possible threat was not necessarily related to aviation, CNN said.

It added that some U.S. cities had increased their security, but gave no further details.

No one at the FBI was immediately available to comment. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson also declined to comment on the reported threat to Las Angeles airport.


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