FBI: 22 Confirmed Islamic Compounds Have Been Found, Obama Promises To “Monitor” Them Closely

Every citizen of the United States of America deserves to feel safe in the borders of their our country. That is our right, and we will not let that be taken away. All threats to our safety must be taken seriously and eliminated immediately. We have prided ourselves on always keeping the battle front off our land, but that is all about to change. FBI sources confirm that Muslims have set up more than two dozen Islamic compounds in America. These Compounds don’t practice peaceful religion, they promote terrorism.

FBI sources say that these compounds have been training and recruiting for several months. They invite other Muslim’s to join them at the compound, then train them to fight. The Muslims of America, Inc. (MoA) are also known as Soldiers of Allah (SOA). Sheikhs head the training camps where they teach training courses in Islamic military warfare.

It has been confirmed that 22 of the compounds are “high level”, while reportedly 13 more also exist in the United States, in count 35 known terrorist compounds are in our borders. These compounds stretch across 15 states, all within a reasonable distance of one another. This information is frequently keep hidden from the public by Federal agencies, but we now have proof that they exist. The compounds are often in a secluded area where the population is low and the number of law enforcement is minimal. Making it difficult for the local police to subdue them if needed. It is highly possible that many more terrorist training camps are being operated in our country that we haven’t found yet.

FBI sources confirm that Muslim of America compounds could be planning a large-scale attack on inauguration day in protest of Donald Trump and his “anti-Muslim” remarks. If this is true then the American people deserve to know about this information. If these terrorists are planning to carry out an attack then these compounds should be raided of all its members and be arrested. Keeping American lives safe is our governments’ soul responsibility.

Here is a map of the known jihadi terrorist compounds inside the United States:


Until we have this Islamic terrorist compound situation under control we really need to tighten up our weak southern border and stop inviting thousands of refugees into our country. ISIS has already smuggled several known Jihadi’s into the country over the southern border and could get hundreds in when 10,000 refugees come here running from Terrorism.

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