FBI Issues Alert In Louisiana: Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers, Riots

After the recent shootings in Dallas of police officers and the killings of two African American men an FBI alert was created in Louisiana. The FBI issued an alert to law enforcement officials about a warning of possible violence against officers during planned riots. This is in the aftermath of this weeks high profile shootings. The situational information report was distributed to police departments in Bossier, Caddo Parish and east Baton Rouge.

It was titled, “Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Riots Planned for 8-10 July 2016.” The alert warned,

Multiple groups are calling for or planning riots and/or violence against law enforcement in Baton Rouge and Shreveport, Louisiana beginning Friday July 8 2016 and continuing through at least July 10, 2016.”

The paper is named  “FOUO” (For Official Use Only). The word is used by the government  to mark sensitive information that is not sensitive enough to be classified. The document was issued by the New Orleans division of the FBI. The FBI responded to no calls from the Judicial Watch.

Lieutenant JB Slaton of the Louisiana State Police simply referred Judicial Watch to the FBI and refused to confirm or deny that the agency received it despite the fact it appears on the list of recipients.

Slaton said,

That’s an FBI bulletin, they would need to address it.” 

The letter confirms suspicious and violent breast via social media to officers. One picture shows a police officer getting slashed with a knife on his throat. It’s incredibly violent. Other posts call for the murder of cops and the protection of black people.

In the coming weeks and months the safety of police officers will be of the utmost importance. It’s important we have compassion and empathy for them and encourage them. Regardless of all this radical leftist hatred and vitriolic behavior. Blue lives matter too!

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