FBI Issues Chilling ISIS Warning: “Magnitude Greater Than Anything We’ve Seen Before”

While the Democrats nearly completely ignored the ISIS threat at the DNC, the FBI issued a chilling warning.

As it turns out, ignoring ISIS doesn’t make them go away. Who would’ve thought?

Europe has been rocked by attacks, with a handful occurring in Germany just in the course of a week. In France, there was the devastating truck attack in Nice, and a recent beheading of an 86 year old priest in Normandy.

Meanwhile, nations like Poland and Hungary who haven’t taken in any refugees remain unscathed by Islamist attacks. You’d think that would be good enough evidence not to allow any refugees into America – but Obama wants to bring in 10,000, while Hillary thinks even that isn’t enough, desiring to bring in 65,000.

The FBI is warning however, that ISIS is a threat like we’ve never seen before.

Via YoungCons

Comey declared that the threat is “an order of magnitude greater than anything we’ve seen before.”

Business Insider reports on this update:

As ISIS does steadily lose ground through conventional warfare in the Middle East, the group’s attacks against civilians around the world will only likely increase — at least for the time being.

“At some point there is going to be a terrorist diaspora out of Syria like we’ve never seen before,” explained FBI Director James B. Comey at a cybersecurity conference at Fordham University on Wednesday, the New York Times reports. “Not all of the Islamic State killers are going to die on the battlefield.”

As the terror group’s territory shrinks, dedicated fighters within the group will travel to find new locations to conduct their operations — most likely in hiding. Comey continued by saying that many of these core fighters would migrate to Western Europe as ISIS loses ground. And, there is always the risk that some of them would eventually reach the US.

Comey appears to be confessing that it’s impossible to screen out ISIS members from the stream of refugees. After all, if screening was possible, what is there to worry about? Of course, the real threat posed is not by official ISIS members in the Middle East, but rather by your typical muslim who looks to ISIS as a fulfillment of some part of Islamic theology. These are the people who are heading into Western Europe in large numbers and whom Obama wants to bring into the United States.

You know, there’s one Presidential candidate who wants to do something about that…

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