FBI SCRUBS references to Islam from anti-radicalization game, SUBMITTING to terror-tied CAIR demands

via Pamela Geller: To understand how bad things really are, consider this — designated terror groups like CAIR (with a history of jihad terror-related crime convictions) are dictating counter-terror policy and measures. The USG is taking its marching orders from the US satellite group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The game is ridiculous in the first place, as if a website game could persuade young men not to become terrorists, but now it doesn’t even aim at the young men who are really becoming terrorists. Instead, it warns people not to become animal rights radicals and white supremacists, and pretends that the largest terror threat our nation faces is no threat at all. This is con consistent with what happened in 2011, when 57 Muslim and South Asian organizations wrote to John Brennan, demanding that I be removed as an FBI trainer and that all mention of Islam and Muslims be removed from counter-terror training. Brennan immediately complied. The Obama Administration appears determined to ignore and deny that there is any jihad threat at all.


“FBI Scrubs References to Islam from Anti-Radicalization Game After CAIR Complaints,” by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, February 25, 2016 (thanks to Andrew):

Earlier this month, the FBI launched Don’t Be A Puppet, a browser-based video game designed to counter recruitment propaganda from violent extremists. However, after complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Bureau has removed and replaced references to Islam and Islamic terrorism on the site.

The FBI originally intended to launch the site in November, but progress was stalled by CAIR’s complaints. At the time, the Islamic lobby complained that the website, which is targeted at young people at risk of extremist recruitment, would lead to the “stigamitzation” and “bullying” of young Muslims. CAIR also contended that the website should instead focus on right-wing extremists, which they argued were a greater threat to American youth.

It seems that the FBI have caved to CAIR’s complaints. The IJ Review reports that a number of changes have been made to the game, including the replacement of an Arabic-speaking terrorist recruiting young people for an “overseas mission” with a Chinese-American animal rights activist recruiting people for an attack on an animal testing lab.

The game still includes a scenario where players are invited to go on an “overseas mission” — but the character’s Arabic name has been replaced with a western-sounding one (Sean S).

The FBI also appears to have heeded CAIR’s advice to focus on right-wing extremists, with a new example featuring a “white supremacist rally” where players are told to commit violent acts in the name of white supremacy. According to the IJ Review, “the new version of the game does not mention Islam, Muslims, or any particulars of Islamist ideology or targets at all, aside from the usual disclaimers that ISIS does not represent mainstream Islam.”


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