FBI Takes ‘Five Afghans’ into Custody – Connected to CHELSEA BOMBING

It all started with tweets from people stuck in traffic near the Verrazano bridge that connects Brooklyn to New York City. One tweet from Sunny Xu say that she was on the Belt Parkway and saw more than twenty police cars, which led her to believe ‘something is up’.

Tom Winters who is an investigative reporter for NBC News confirmed that he received information that the stopped traffic and police cars was in fact related to the weekend bombing. He even confirmed that the FBI had related this information.

Then Lee Saks who was probably pretty close to the action witnessed police in body armor and people on the ground. Possibly making the arrests.

PIX11News reporter confirms that 5 people were brought in for questioning.

Geraldo Rivera gets in on the tweeting action confirming that the 5 arrested were afghan and arrested in Brooklyn.

Geraldo then says that he got the information from a ‘impeachable source’.

Fox News has just confirmed that at least 1 afghan was arrested this morning related to the bombings. Police have been searching for Ahmad Khan Rahami. Authorities had launched a dragnet earlier Monday in search of the 28-year-old Afghan-born man, whom they described as being “armed and dangerous”. An eyewitness to Rahami’s capture in Linden, NJ told Fox News that he saw a man walking down a street with a gun in his hand. A police car pulled up next to him and the man fired at the car 4-6 times. Rahami then fled but was captured. Rahami and at least one officer were injured during the shootout.

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