FBI Just Took Over This U.S. City – Officials Expected To Address The Nation On The Situation

Chicago crooks and gang-bangers better sleep with one eye open. There could be an invasion or a knock knock knock at any moment in their life thanks to Trump deploying the FBI to take over their city.

Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel can’t get his city under control, so the government has to send the big boy police to do the job for him. It’s a shame that Mayor Rahm doesn’t hire more police so the Chicago Police Department has enough staff to do their job correctly. You know this lousy democrat mayor isn’t doing much, if anything, to combat the rampant crime overtaking his city.

Now that the FBI is heading to Chicago, you can be sure that it’s to get ugly in town. We could witness a miniature war erupt between gang-bangers and feds. There could literally be a war that makes Chicago look like Aleppo if this escalates further than the already high levels of criminal activity in Chicago.

Chicago’s extreme gun violence—762 homicides last year and more than 4,000 people wounded—has been described as an epidemic. Primarily gang-related, the shootings are often spontaneous and unpredictable, and the toll on victims, families, and entire communities cannot be overstated. That’s why the FBI’s Chicago Division, working with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and other agencies, has undertaken significant measures to address the problem.

I hope the FBI brings a full arsenal of weaponry to fight the insane amount of guns in Chicago. If the FBI shows up shorthanded, then they’re going to lose. I’m certain that the trained shooters of the FBI have much better aim than the slouches who hold a gun sideways while trudging along in their sagging pants, but that doesn’t matter. The sheer number of criminals with guns is too damn high. The FBI needs a ton of firepower and intelligent tactics to pick these criminals off the streets and start serving the public with some long wanted peace. The peaceful residents of Chicago deserve a nice city with no/low violent crimes.

I like that the FBI and the Chicago Police Department will work together on this project. That shows unity in solving problems and they’re going to need backup at times. What a better group of people to call than the CPD who know their way around the city like the back of their hand.

“The FBI sometimes battles a perception that we are only interested in terrorism or public corruption or large drug-trafficking organizations,” said Michael Anderson, special agent in charge of the Chicago Division. “The fact is, we are interested in those things, but in Chicago we are also getting down to the street level to address violent crime, and we are specifically going after the trigger-pullers and shot-callers.”

The FBI mentions that they’re interested in bagging the trigger-pullers and shot-callers. The big bad criminals and the guys hiding at the top of the food chain making the decisions is who the FBI wants to target. They want to cut the beast off at the head so the legs give out under them. They want to target the brains of the operation and hope that the criminals working under them find a life outside of crime. If you want to nix an operation, then you start at the top and work your way down. You watch the trolls at the bottom scatter for work or start their own illegal crime wave. Once you take the leadership away from the membership, the members often can’t operate on their own. The FBI would also like to establish contact with youngsters who might dabble in crime and help get those people situated with a much better life and push them into a more successful direction.

That street-level focus is in response to a city homicide rate that has “increased exponentially,” Anderson said. “The number of shootings is at a level that hasn’t been seen here since the early 1990s.” As a result, he explained, “what you are seeing and will continue to see in Chicago is a sustained FBI effort to support and supplement our local partners.”

Chicago crime levels are super high. The city is filled with regular people who eat, breathe, and sleep just like we do. The only difference is that a LOT of them also live a double life where they commit crimes, murder, and wake up to do the same thing again the next day. It’s a horrible way to live and the good residents of Chicago deserve all the help they can get to clean their city and eradicate the crime.

If Obama really liked Chicago, then what has he done to lower crime levels? They have people getting kidnapped and beaten on Facebook live stream hate crimes. If you ever turn on the 5-0 app for your smart phone, then you can tune into the police scanner for Chicago and it sounds like a war torn area in Syria.

Where has Obama been during his eight years as President? Trump has been at the head of the country for only a short time and he’s already deploying the FBI forces to Chicago?

Chicago’s tough gun laws haven’t worked. That says something, right?

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