Fed-Up People In New Jersey Just Pissed Off Muslims With What They Just Did To Their Mega Mosque

Last year, an epic battle ensued over a mosque in New Jersey potentially being built. The residents of Bayonne, New Jersey were not pleased when they discovered that a mosque could be built in their town, and rightfully so. These patriots were not going to take this lying down and decided to push back. This, of course, pissed off the Muslims in Bayonne, but these Jersey folks are not back down.

Bayonne residents protesting the proposed mosque.

After fighting long and hard, the city of Bayonne held a vote on this embattled mosque. The city voted in favor of the mosque, but it did not receive enough votes for approval.

The proposed mosque in Bayonne, New Jersey.

End of story, right? Well, if you thought that you were wrong.

This is what The Jersey Journal had to say.

The federal Justice Department plans to investigate the now rejected application for a Muslim community center in Bayonne, according to a report in The New York Times.

Bayonne Muslims, a nonprofit group, spent nearly two years trying to get approval to build the mosque and community center at 109 East 24th St. The Zoning Board voted against the proposal on Monday night.

Waheed Akbar, a spokesman for the organization, told The New York Times that the Federal Justice has contacted the organization and “would investigate the matter.” The group is also planning its own lawsuit, according to the report.

While many argued the neighborhood was not the suitable place for the Muslim center, citing parking and traffic issues, tensions were high at times during Monday’s meeting. One resident negatively recited parts of the Quran.

The board voted 4-3 in favor of the group’s plans, but five votes were needed for approval.

Ok, this should be simple. The people in this town voiced their concerns and opinions and were able to get the votes needed to stop this mosque. This was not discrimination, but how our government was designed to work. For these crybaby Muslims to cry discrimination and demand a formal investigation is disturbing and royally pisses me off. Just because they don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean they get to force their will upon the people.

That just proves they have no desire to assimilate to America or our system of government. Hopefully, this will all be dropped sooner than later.

What do you think?

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