Federal Judge Who Blocked Immigration Ban Just Got BAD NEWS!

The executive immigration order put in place by the President was met with much displeasure and quiet happiness. Those who were displeased took to the streets. However, once it was put in place a federal judge from Washington repealed it and allowed foreign visa holders to continue coming into the United States. But new evidence and research have caused a rude awakening for the judge who made the order.

The President slammed the judge for halting his order that prohibits people from entering the United States from seven terrorist hotbed countries. He went where he usually goes to insult people and that is Twitter. He railed against the opposition for allowing this to happen and ordering airlines to allow people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen onto airplanes to the United States.

See his responses here,

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That’s when the judge got a nasty response. The White House slammed the repeal as outrageous and promised a speedy appeal. Because judge James Robart had made the order null and void effective Friday and all major airlines reinstated visas and travel.

People voted President Trump in because they were tired of this politically correct nonsense. They wanted someone who would keep us safe and put our priorities over the priorities of other nations. Not someone who made us less safe as the former President did. Now, this judge threatens the safety of all Americans by allowing people into our country that have not been properly vetted and very well could pose a terroristic threat to us all.

When there is American blood that has been shed we will know exactly who to blame. And where to point the finger. To none other than the protestors who have had no small impact on this judge who has been a Black Lives Matter sympathizer.

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