Federal Judge Just Exposed Obama For Dirty Hillary Deed He Tried To Hide

With the controversy surrounding the recount of the presidential election in specific key states the issue of judges, courts, and more are in the public eye. New reports indicate that a judge has exposed some dirty dealings of Obama that showed he was complicit in helping Hillary Clinton.

It is very obvious the last thing the Democrat’s are worried about with this recount is government transparency or integrity. They are more concerned with winning and making money off the backs of taxpayers.

It has been ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith that officials must recount the 4.8 million ballots that were casted in Michigan. While people are justifiably outraged that he allowed it the news concerning his past is what is really making people upset. It turns out that Obama is the one who appointed this federal judge.

Now it appears that the judge will be doing the President’s bidding on behalf of Hillary Clinton trying to make sure that the recount goes through in a sad and sorry attempt to try and gain the White House despite having already lost it.

Despite the fact that Judge Goldsmith has issued the order for the recount he has denied a request for a two day delay that would ensure that the votes were counted prior to the electorates official vote.

Jill Stein has been insisting that the electronic voting machines have been hacked and that is why a recount is needed. However, Michigan used paper ballots. Exposing the falsity of this sham recount for what it is.

It is so apparently obvious that the Democratic party, including Obama and Hillary Clinton are sore losers. They lost fair and square and they cannot take it. It is time to move on and allow for the peaceful transition of power as Hillary Clinton said herself in her concession speech.

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