Federal Judge Who Told New Citizens To “Leave If You Don’t Like Trump,” Just Got SCREWED By Obama…

What a bunch of vindictive asshats. US Magistrate Judge John Primomo was applauded by Americans when he pointed out to new immigrants that Donald Trump is now their President and if they didn’t like it, they should go to another country. He has presided over immigrant swearing in ceremonies in San Antonio since 1989 and he has sworn in over 100,000 new American citizens. But for saying what should be obvious and something he meant to unify people, not divide them, he has now been suspended from swearing in ceremonies and is in danger of being removed as a judge.

It would not surprise me if this order came directly from Barack Obama. He’s just that nasty. This judge was telling these people that they need to love America and respect her President. For that, he has been severely smacked. This crap needs to end. Primomo has been on the bench since 1988 – he’s been fantastic judge for a long time and now this. It’s just infuriating and wrong.

From America’s Freedom Fighters:

A federal judge in Texas who was sick and tired of all of the liberal protesters and “Not My President” garbage told the immigrants he was swearing in as American citizens knew that Donald Trump is “your president, and if you don’t like that, you need to go to another country!”

Now he’s in hot water.

U.S. Magistrate Judge John Primomo was suspended Monday from overseeing further citizenship ceremonies, San Antonio Express-News reports.

Primomo said he was not trying to tell the new Americans to leave if they didn’t like Trump.
“I would never say anything like that. I wasn’t trying to say anything for or against Donald Trump,” Primomo, 64, said. “I was just trying to say something hopeful and unifying[,] and unfortunately it was taken out of context.”

Despite his assurances, the U.S. district judges at San Antonio’s federal courthouse — who appoint and oversee federal magistrate judges — issued a statement saying they “have determined that he will no longer be handling citizenship ceremonies, and the judges are meeting with him to see how this matter can be resolved and concluded.”

Primomo said that he meant to urge people to be respectful of the office of the President and said he didn’t vote for Donald Trump himself. But the report thrust Primomo into the national news – and into the approving embrace of many conservative websites. And therefore onto Obama’s shit list.

The federal courthouse, meanwhile, has received dozens of calls and emails, some of them profane, from people upset with his comments, including some Texas Democratic office-holders. No one, however, has filed a formal complaint. The media is selectively airing this man’s comments as well. He is being deliberately painted as something he is not.

US district judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate for lifetime tenure; the appointed magistrate judges serve terms of eight years if full-time. The district judges here have reappointed Primomo several times. His current term expires in July 2020, but he is eligible for retirement next year, when he turns 65. I bet he takes retirement after this mess. I wouldn’t blame him.

Under federal law, a magistrate judge can be removed only for incompetence, misconduct, neglect of duty or if mental or physical disability interferes with his or her job. None of that applies here, so we will see if he retires or fights the Progressives who are intent on taking this good judge down.


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