BREAKING: FedEx Makes Final Decision on Driver That Saved “Old Glory” From Being Burned By NASTY Liberals

A viral video showed a brave FedEx driver interfering when he saw an American flag being burned. Unwilling to watch the desecration, he stepped in and saved the flag… while wearing his FedEx uniform. Some were concerned that this would cause him to lose his job. But FedEx has deliberated, and they’ve made their final decision.

Matt Uhrin was caught on camera fighting a small group of protesters who were in the process of burning two American flags. Uhrin stepped in and used a fire extinguisher to save them, fighting off the protesters in the process:

There was some concern that Uhrin might face punishment from FedEx over his actions. But today, FedEx announced that his future with FedEx was safe:

Via Fox News:

FedEx is backing a driver in Iowa who stopped flag-burning protesters from desecrating American flags in a confrontation caught on video that went viral, according to reports. Many on Twitter were calling him a hero.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reported Friday that the video shows Matt Uhrin in a FedEx uniform scuffling with a small group of protesters on a pedestrian mall in Iowa City Thursday after he used a fire extinguisher to save two flags from being burned.

On Friday FedEx said it had interviewed Uhrin.

Uhrin told the Press-Citizen Thursday that his confrontation with the protesters had nothing to do with FedEx.

An online petition Friday demanded that FedEx not fire Uhrin, the paper reported.

“Let’s make sure Matt Uhrin keeps his job at FedEx,” the petition said, according to the paper. “He was standing up for our American flag and should be commended, not punished.”

As of late Friday, the petition had collected some 3,000 signatures.

Uhrin is a hero. The protesters may not have been committing a crime, but what they were doing was seriously disrespectful, and he did a good thing by putting a stop to it. And FedEx made the right call in standing behind him. Bravo!

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