Feds Make Unbelievable Find Inside Alabama Muslim’s Home Who Expressed Love Of Beheading People

Seek and ye shall find, and seek is what ye did when they found bomb-making materials in the home of a Muslim who wanted to behead people and blow up a police station and an arsenal in a nasty terror attack.

The Alabama resident, Aziz Sayyed, 22, was finally jailed on terror related crimes because he pledged allegiance to ISIS and had enough supplies to cause mass chaos in homemade bomb attacks at a police station and possibly the Redstone Arsenal. He was also reported to be very enthusiastic about beheading people and allegedly practiced using a knife.

Authorities also connected the dots on Sayyed’s employer, who is apparently two Muslims who own IHOP franchise store/s. Their names are Tayseer Zuaiter and Hani Zuaiter and they are cooperating with authorities in all ways possible. Tayseer is a Palestinian Muslim who owns numerous IHOP’s that cost about $50,000 to franchise.  It should be known that Tayseer was on the Federal Terrorism watch list up to at least 2012, but he fought it claiming discrimination. We’re not sure if he’s still on that list or has been dropped. I would think that anytime someone is on the list, that they’re not ever truly off the list. Even if public records state someone is no longer being watched, I would hope the person is still technically being watched. That’s for everyone’s safety, even the person being watched.

Other interesting facts about Tayseer is that he’s a licensed firearms dealer in Colorado, has pictures of what appears to be a Palestinian terrorist on his Facebook page, his college-aged daughter liked the picture of the terrorist, and his son is a pilot who has flown very close to the previously mentioned intended target Redstone Arsenal.

Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL that borders on the edge of the Redstone Arsenal.
Some people are disturbed by the picture in the bottom left which shows a Palestinian terrorist. Apparently his daughter, Dalal, had liked the photograph. Don’t call me crazy, but liking a picture on the Internet isn’t enough to bother most people.
Hani can allegedly fly airplanes and it’s reported that the photos of the rocket were taken by him. This is rumored to bother some people as they believe it’s a precursor to an attack. If there’s anything to worry about, then I’m sure authorities were already aware of it.

All of these things point in the direction of a deep investigation that needs to be done for everyone’s safety. Eyes need to be open, even if it doesn’t ever lead to anything. There are too many indications that could merit any amounts of copious research and surveillance. If it doesn’t ever lead to anything, then that’s good and that’s what everyone wants. I hope this is just a family doing well in America because that’s what it should be. Come to America, become citizens, do a great job, and enjoy your life. That is truly what’s best for everyone, regardless of race, religion, color, and both genders (there’s only two genders, GFY if you think there’s more than male/female).

When he relocated to Colorado, one can see from public records that he purchased a property for one of his IHOP’s for over $2 million.

Another interesting fact about Tayseer is that he is a Palestinian Muslim. As we have documented extensively here and our very own Walid knows from lived experience growing up as a Muslim in the Holy Land, too often times Palestinian Muslims, especially in the USA, have been tied to or associated with groups advocating for the genocide and destruction of Jews and Christians in Israel, as well as with causes tied to Islamic terrorism.

A little bit of digging to Tayseer’s background reveals a character that is all too common. On the surface, he has a story of an idealized Muslim American immigrant- somebody who comes to the USA, goes into business, does very well, has a nice family, and who is an open Muslim but promotes “peace and tolerance” in terms of his religion. After all, on his LinkedIn profile he has inspirational quotes, including a picture of Confucius on one of them

Is everything Tayseer does a front for something deeper and darker than we can imagine? Forget about Sayyed – maybe he was a patsy or fall guy of some sort. Maybe he was set up to do dirty work or be tested to see if he could be trusted. Is there something else brewing under the surface that just hasn’t resonated with anyone just yet?

Tayseer Zuaiter and Hani Zuaiter are cooperating with investigations and it is possible that they are, or are not, connected. Unless they are found to be connected with Sayyed, then we will not assume they are. We should let the authorities do their job and make the final decision, but we should not be shocked one way or the other. I hope they are not connected to Sayyed in anyway other than being his employer for the time Sayyed worked at that particular IHOP.

Everyone wants peace, success, and harmony while doing well in America. That’s what our country is all about – working hard and enjoying the finer things in life after we earned them.

But, we can’t ever be too cautious.

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