(Conservative Tribune) The federal government has been grabbing control of massive areas of land in many western states, ostensibly for environmental protection, or for the future use of national monuments, or some other ridiculously absurd reason.

In reality, they are doing little more than placing large swathes of “public” land off-limits to the public and in the process threatening the livelihoods of ranchers and farmers in the region. It has gotten so bad that the feds are actually driving some out of business.

This has been happening far too long in New Mexico, which has led the state to consider pursuing criminal charges against federal agencies complicit in the land grabs.

The Young Cons are reporting on recently completed fencing in the border state of New Mexico, but the fencing isn’t on the border.  Instead, the U.S. Forest Service has fenced off more than 200 acres along a creek in northern New Mexico, the Rio Cebolla, for the protection of the endangered meadow jumping mouse.

The only problem is, the creek is used by local ranchers to water and graze their cattle and has been used by these family businesses for well over 100 years with no problems.

In fact, many of the area ranchers actually have federal grazing permits and New Mexico land grants that predate the Forest Service, and they have taken care of maintaining the area by themselves, until now.

The fencing consists of 4-foot high barbed wire, and it stretches over 118 acres.  It was conveniently erected just before the fall grazing season starts at the creek.

This is just further evidence of the Obama administration’s war against small businesses, independent agriculture, and hard-working Americans.  These people take care of themselves, take care of the land, and help provide food for Americans.

Now they will likely be driven out of business, forced onto public assistance, and will ultimately become a drain on society instead of productive citizens, which is what they desperately want to be.

These areas shouldn’t be fenced off to the public, especially the portion of the public that is actually productive and helps feed the country.  The fences should instead be on the border, keeping out those who come to America to simply to enjoy the benefits of a bloated welfare state.

Unfortunately, the border will likely never be secured while President Obama remains in office, boasting only a laughably partial fence that doesn’t stop anybody determined to cross the border.

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