Feds Frantic After Finding What Was In Muslim’s Car Heading Down Major FL Freeway Right After Attack

Note to Writer: To make this title relevant, tie in that he was caught with a car full of drugs the same day as the terror attack in Michigan. Muslims on the loose in this country causing problems on society, kind of vibe.

Cops were on full alert after a terror attack in Michigan. Their increased awareness brought down a drug smuggler who was caught with 40lbs of reefer in his car. Not that it’s important, but the guy captured by police in Florida is Muslim. It caught me off guard because Muslims aren’t usually into the drug business. They’re more into explosives and child trafficking and weddings.

I’m personally impressed this man, allegedly, was able to pack 40 pounds of the good stuff in the car. Then again, I believe he could’ve squeezed a few more pounds in there if he tried hard enough. Come on Mohamed, put out the extra effort and maximize your gains, bro!

I’m not sure what the laws in Miami are with marijuana, but I’m pretty sure 40lbs is an offense. Maybe a pocketful for personal use is allowed, but a ca packed like a joint is probably not something he should drive around with.

An unfortunate stop by police caused this man to be arrested for his 40+ lbs of reefer, leading to numerous stoners to not get their fix and giggle all night, which probably lead to mini markets at gas stations not selling a lot of late night snacks this week. I’d say this is quite a shame. If the quality was good, then let him go. If the quality was that dirty stuff you see in the ghetto, then book him like he blew up a building.

Here’s what happened.

Ibrahim Makhoul, 24, was stopped by Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies Tuesday while driving a black BMW with illegally tinted windows on I-75.

What in the heck was he thinking? You can’t run a week’s worth of Snoop Dogg’s pot and have illegally tinted windows. Where was this guy when science developed a brain in his embarrassed mother’s womb? Looks like he missed out on the common sense and logic traits.

Deputies questioned Makhoul and his passenger and determined that there was probable cause to search the car. They tried to open the center console and trunk, but they were both locked.

When deputies asked Makhoul how to open them, he said he didn’t know, deputies said.

Makhoul claimed that they were locked when he bought the car and never tried to open them.

What was the probable reason to search the car? They’re Muslim, so gotta be sure, right? Did they smell like booze? Could officers smell the Mary J? If these guys knew the law, they probably wouldn’t have been pulled over with Cheech & Chong’s special delivery.

“It’s craxy,” Makhoul told deputies, according to an arrest report. “I don’t know how they gave me the car like that, like with the middle thing shut and the back thing shut, too.”

It’s also crazy that Local10 doesn’t run spell check before they post crime stories. I suppose it’s possible to be sold a car with locked compartments full of weed. That happens all the time, right? Maybe at an auction, but even then – you know people search the car for cool things to keep before selling them off. Even the guys at the car wash steal your change, so there’s almost no chance a car would be sold with enough weed to pass around at a family reunion.

Deputies eventually opened the center console and found an unsealed package with marijuana inside. They also opened the trunk and found two large, plastic bags containing small packages of marijuana.

Deputies said they also found paperwork with Makhoul’s name on them inside the trunk, even though Makhoul claimed that he’d never been in the trunk.

That’s hilarious. Guy tells them his car was sold with locked compartments, but then cops open it and his paperwork is inside. Let me guess. The car dealership gave you free weed and stored your documents in a secure place too? This is brilliantly hilarious!

A passenger in the car ran from deputies during the search. He climbed a fence, swam across a canal and ran into some nearby woods. Deputies searched for the man, but he got away.

Is this part serious? Get that guy a contract on a football team. He can run. He can jump. Who is this guy? He even swam across a canal and escaped? This is some Jason Bourne maneuvering. I’m highly impressed at guy number 2. Guy number 1 is kinda dumb, but the guy who escaped is awesome! He’ll probably be caught doing something else in a week or so, but this was a bold move, Cotton.

Street value of the seized drugs is $120,000. One small sale and the guy could’ve had a lighter window tint that wasn’t illegal. One small mistake got this guy pulled over and he lost $120k for being an idiot.

If you’re gonna run drugs, then make sure your car is not illegal in any way possible.

Come on folks. Wise up!


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