Feds May Force Texas Teachers, Cops To Undergo Mandatory Re-Education Training On Islam Because Of Clock Boy


Via Daily Caller:

Federal officials are still probing the kerfuffle involving Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas teenager whose curious-looking disassembled clock led to accusations he’d brought a hoax bomb to school. They have suggested mandatory re-education workshops on the topic of religious tolerance for local police officers and teachers.

Back in September, nearly 30 members of the U.S. Congress called for a Justice Department investigation based on their belief that Mohamed had been “systematically profiled.” Police had handcuffed the 14-year-old teen, paraded him down a hallway in front of other students and then delivered him to a juvenile detention hall.

Irving Independent School District officials are busily collecting information in response to a letter they received in October from the Justice Department, reports The Dallas Morning News.

“They asked for a number of things,” school district spokeswoman Lesley Weaver told the newspaper. “We’ve been gathering documents.”

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