Feds Raid Immigrants’ Massage Parlor In Texas, Make Horrifying Find In Pipes They Didn’t Expect

Feds Raid Immigrants' Massage Parlor In Texas, Make Horrifying Find In Pipes They Didn't Expect

We’ve all driven past those shady massage parlors in strip malls with a myriad and posters in the window offering the best deal in town for an hour back rub. While the lackluster accommodations seem to be a worthwhile tradeoff for a cheap luxury and some relaxation to some people, many of us can’t get past the thought of what’s really going on in the dark little dens and as Texas feds just found out, it’s worse than we thought.

It’s amazing that immigrant-run massage parlors are even allowed to still set up shop since it’s doubtful that many operate with much integrity on anything. This has been proven with a number of prostitution busts conducted at these places across the nation, massage therapy as a cover for paid sex. Now, what federal agents in Austin, Texas just uncovered in the drainage pipes at Jade Massage Therapy LLC, just reached peak levels of depravity.

The business, run by a husband and wife team, Joseph Emery and Juan Wang, came under suspicion on February 7, with the property manager of the parlor noticed something wasn’t right. The unidentified employee noticed that the toilet had become clogged and upon investigation as to what was blocking the system, the manager made a sickening discovery that they weren’t expecting, exposing what the owners had been up to for months.

“She ‘became aware of a problem when an industrial waste disposal unit connecting the property to city sewer services became clogged and destroyed by hundreds of condoms,’ affidavits for Wang and Emery state,” My San Antonio reports.

The property manager had suspected that the pair had been running a prostitution ring after making the grotesque find of over 100 condoms that were getting into the public sewer system. After a raid was conducted on the parlor, the employee’s suspicions were right, which isn’t hard to believe since these places appear to be a den of debauchery anyway. However, what the condoms did to the pipes makes the situation even harder to fathom from the surface.

Although Emery and Wang have booked into the Travis County Jail on Tuesday, leaving all their “special clients” high and dry, the damage they caused is still left behind for others to deal with. The pipes have been destroyed by the overwhelming amount of condoms accumulated from their “side business” which gives perspective on the mass amount of prostitution running through this perverted parlor. This is only secondary to the health issues which likely percolated in this sick pitri dish of a shop from countless sexual encounters.

The first clue that Jade Massage wasn’t running a reputable spa business came from the fact that they advertised on BackPage.com. This classified site is known to prostitutes and often plays host to sex trafficking deals. Like many of these foreign-run shops, BackPage probably needs to be shut down too and eliminate the easy advertising outlet for criminal activity.

Jade Massage was such a profitable “business” that the couple was able to open two parlors, both of which allegedly offered sex for cash as the business’ most profitable menu item. The secret parlor service brought in so much cash that the couple was once stopped by TSA who “found $30,000 in ‘duct taped bundles’ of cash in her possession,” according to MySA.com. This was apparently easy to earn by a mostly male clientele who paid $60 for sex and reportedly tipped $40-$120.

It should be common practice for law enforcement to regularly check these places of businesses for activity going on other than a massage. Those who have nothing to hide would have no problem proving they’re on the up and up, and busting those who aren’t only benefits the honest business owners.

Some shops look seedy enough from the outside that it’s only a wonder how so many people can forgo the questionable exterior and use their services enough to keep these places afloat. For that reason alone, it seems like a good reason to look into these places which possibly perpetuate the prolific issue of sex trafficking that is happening in dark corners and behind closed doors from coast to coast.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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