Feds Raid Muslim’s Store After Hearing About Their Secret – What’s Found Inside Was Worse Than They Thought

Feds checked out a Muslim market and discovered that they were committing food stamp. That’s not the only thing that was uncovered on that day at the Sindibad Market! The Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General discovered that the market made multiple fraudulent transactions with customers not eligible for benefits. That person was supposed to receive a one-year ban from attaining government food stamps thanks to the American taxpayers.

The really bad part is that the Obama administration granted them a pass and no one was suspended from getting or receiving the welfare. Instead, it seems like the store was hit with a fine and that was it. The government stated that the halal meat from the market was relied on by the Muslim recipient and they granted a pass. If a vegetarian did the same act of fraud, could they get a pass at Whole Foods or Salad Works? If a meat lover ripped off the government and taxpayers, could they get a free pass to buy steaks? I’m not sure welfare fraud by anyone should be accepted. It’s really bad knowing that these people were giving almost a free pass by people working under the Obama administration.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage is objecting to a break the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Obama administration gave a halal market that made fraudulent food stamp transactions.

But federal officials told LifeZette the decision is final.

“If you have rules, you need to follow the rules. The problem with the previous administration is they were very, very weak on fraud.”

The case involves Sindbad Market in Portland. According to the Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General, the market made four fraudulent transactions with three ineligible customers. Because the owner was personally involved in one of the transactions, that ordinarily would trigger a one-year suspension of the ability to accept food stamps, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

But an attorney for Sindbad Market asked for and received an exemption in September on grounds that suspension would cause a hardship for Muslim food stamp recipients, who rely on the market for its preparation of halal meat, in accordance with Islamic law. The federal government agreed to impose a $33,000 fine instead.

A fine isn’t so bad if you have tons of time to pay it back and you can continue committing fraud. You just have to increase the amount of fraud to pay the fine back as fast as possible. Of course, that’s not exactly legal and they run the risk of getting caught again.

There’s a huge issue with handing out a fine and NOT barring them from utilizing the welfare system. Once you fraudulently act upon the system, then your access to it should be taken for a while. It will hopefully prevent people from running scams and taking advantage of the handouts that are meant to help the neediest people – not to be used as a career for lazy people who hate working.

When anyone catches a break like that, after committing a crime, then you have to wonder why they got off the hook. In this case, it seems like Team Obama wanted his Muslim friends to get off the hook for robbing the taxpayers.

Welfare should only be granted to those who truly need it and taken from the lazy. The rules aren’t strict enough and too many people milk the system and dry up the middle class.

If you’re an able-bodied person then get a job and stop living like a broke bum.

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