FEEL GOOD STORY: Black THUG Tried To Burn Down Building, But Sets Himself On FIRE!

If this guy had good parents, then he may have attended Boy Scouts and learned how to start a fire. Maybe if he stayed in school and gotten an edu-ma-cation, he’d then understand some basic elemental concepts of how Earth, wind, fire, and water work. If he wasn’t a loser, then this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

But here we have the prime example of what happens when an uneducated jackaloon tries to light something on fire, but sets himself on fire instead.

Let’s watch the video of a jackaloon who lights himself on fire.

Police in Kentucky are looking for this jackaloon. If you see a white van with a burn victim as a passenger, then notify the police, but don’t engage them.

You can see in the video that the numskull returned to his van, which had another passenger in the driver seat. The man tried to finish the job and sped off in what’s probably his mom’s minivan. Actually, the van is probably stolen and filled with weed. May as well jump to every other conclusion possible this guy can’t even light a barbershop on fire without messing up.

No reason for me not to think they’ve committed other crimes in the soccer-mom-mobile.

I wonder if any hospitals near this location had a burn victim visit them. There’s a good chance this guy might need some medical attention and an overnight stay in a prison.

Four hots and a cot for this fella will be served piping hot fairly soon.

The guy who lit himself on fire may have taken lessons from Fire Marshall Bill.

Some may ask, what is a jackaloon? It’s a jack*ss who is also a lunatic. Quite often found in the general population where people have too many kids. This isn’t the intelligent lunatic who has the brains to put together a mastermind attack on business and become a millionaire, but mostly the lunatic who is an idiot, often raised by people who shouldn’t breed, but do anyway, then rely on tax payer money to support their utmost lazy entitled behaviors. These jackaloons live in anything from apartments, squatted homes in nice neighborhoods, or trailers. Jackaloons can be found in any color, shape, or size and aren’t delegated just to the Halloween time frame. Saying jackaloon at work won’t get you in as much trouble as calling someone exactly what you really want to call them, whatever that may be.

Today’s life lesson is to not spend time with jackaloons.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

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