Feel good story of the week: ISIS fighters may have EBOLA!!


If you were looking for a feel-good story to cheer you up this week, boy do I got a doozy for ya! There are some reports that ISIS fighters might have contracted Ebola, and they might be bleeding out their eyes right this very moment!

From the Daily Mail:

The World Health Organisation is investigating reports that ISIS militants have been showing up at an Iraqi hospital with Ebola.

According to three media outlets an undisclosed number of militants displaying signs of the disease attended a hospital in the ISIS-held city of Mosul,  250 miles north of Baghdad.

While the reports, from Kurdish and pro-Iraqi sources, remain unconfirmed, WHO spokesman Christy Feig said the group are trying to reach out to officials in ISIS-held areas to offer help.

It seems like God was sick and tired of waiting for Obama to get off his lazy butt and unleash our military on ISIS, so He decided to take care of them Himself.
Here’s more:

Ms Feig told Mashable: ‘We have no official notification from [the Iraqi government] that it is Ebola.’ 

The symptoms of ebola are similar to those of other diseases including malaria and yellow fever

Mosul has been under control of ISIS since June 2014 and over the past few weeks militants have reportedly executed more than a dozen doctors for refusing to treat injured fighters.

According to a report in Iraq’s pro-government newspaper, al Sabaah, the disease was brought to Mosul by ‘terrorists’ arriving ‘from several countries’ and Africa.

The symptoms of Ebola, which include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding and bruising, are similar to those of other diseases including malaria and yellow fever meaning it could easily have have been misdiagnosed.

Ok so it might be too good to be true, but if anyone deserves to bleed painfully out of every orifice, it’s the maggot pig-dogs of ISIS.

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