Felons Bring On BRUTAL Payback To Immigrant B*tch After What He Did To Little Girl

After first trying blame his 3-year-old stepdaughter’s injuries on having fallen off her bed, an Alabama dad was charged with her death after it was discovered what he really did and thought he could get away with. As soon as he checked into jail, other inmates found out what he did to his stepdaughter and why, he found himself on the receiving end of what couldn’t have been a more perfect dose of prison justice.

Diego Sebastian

Diego Sebastian was booked into Marshall County Jail after his toddler stepdaughter, Jeannely Maria Gaspar Mateo, died from the severe injuries she sustained after her dad beat her. The 27-year-old father from Albertville initially tried to explain her injuries as having come from a playful toss onto her bed gone wrong. The awful truth eventually came out that he became enraged with the little girl for a extremely disturbing reason. After days in the hospital, she died from what he had done to her and her foul stepdad got what he deserved.

WSB-TV reports that all Jeannely wanted was a drink of juice, which apparently was enough to set Sebastian off. He beat her to a bloody pulp for her simple request before getting the little girl medical help, but it was already too late. Her dad was charged with capital murder for killing her but had a big surprise waiting for him in jail once he got behind bars.

As soon as the other inmates discovered what he had done to his new wife’s little girl, they took justice into their own hands, giving this dad what the court system could not. Sebastian got exactly what he gave Jeannely when the other inmates beat him to the edge of death, causing his face and eyes to swell up beyond recognition.

The real tragedy in this case was that he lived through it and she did not. Since he survived, he was transferred to another jail for his personal safety. However, he likely won’t be safe there either after word gets out about him around the cell block. When you kill a kid, karma isn’t kind, and this guy got the first dose of hopefully many more to come, just like he deserved.

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