Female Marine Gunnery Sergeant Teaches Liz Warren A Lesson On MOAB Strike She’ll NEVER Forget…

President Trump took a strong stance against radical Islamic terrorism but more importantly ISIS. He dropped the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan just a few days ago. It was tested back in 2003 but never used. It was an issue and an action that everybody could get behind. Even Democrats supported his decision as well as some Republican adversaries who ordinarily speak out against him.

People such as Chuck Schumer, Marco Rubio, and even John McCain supported his decision. Which was shocking in itself. But Democrats never let reason stand for too long. There was at least one Democrat who had something negative to say about the President’s actions and it wasn’t Senator Bernie Sanders. But it was his close progressive friend Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Senator from Massachusetts made some cringeworthy comments where she asked what the purpose of the bomb was. She was speaking to reporters where she explained that she wants the administration to lay out why they detonated the bomb and what the purpose and motivation behind it was.

When one reporter asked if it was meant to be a message to North Korea she was at a loss for words. Ultimately she mustered up a response where she explained that if we can’t even understand why we bombed Afghanistan then we can’t exactly send a message to anyone including North Korea when we don’t know what it is.

That makes sense… not.

Look at her talk with the reporters here,

One Marine, U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, Jessie Jane Duff, had the best response to the Senators questions saying,

Warren’s comments came shortly after her town hall meetings back home in her district. She called on the President to explain all his actions before Congress prior to taking any and all further military action overseas. However, what Warren fails to mention is that 600-800 ISIS fighters were running ripsaw in the region that was targeted and 96 ISIS fighters are confirmed dead.

The mother of all bombs eviscerated everything within a one-mile radius and destroyed tunnels underground that ISIS fighters were using to freely access anywhere they wanted without having to deal with security above ground. This bomb blew this tunnels to smithereens. Is that not reason enough?

This Marine’s response was perfectly executed and savage. It draws a spotlight to the blatant ignorance of the left to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and ISIS. But President Trump surely understands the severity of the threat and he has the full force of the American military behind him. Nobody understands this threat more than somebody who has put their life on the line for this country and written a blank check to make others at home safe while they risk their own lives. Her opinion matters and it should be taken seriously.

Radio host David Webb had a great response to Warren’s idiotic comments concerning national security. He said,

“She knows virtually nothing about it.”

Webb also noted he would not take foreign policy advice from her either and that her antics and comments were only a result of her wanting to gain more politic points and leverage by appearing to criticize President Trump in the mainstream liberal media. He further went on to note that people like her and President Obama prefer soft foreign policy like penning strongly worded letters to actually conferring with professional military generals. Individuals who have dedicated their life and their studies to the art of war.

The former administration and current Democrats like Warren know nothing about what it takes to actually win a war and deal with foreign policy on an international scale successfully. The purpose of this bomb was to kill heinous human rights violators and their free access to tunnels while simultaneously showing the world the United States is not a country to be trifled with.

Long gone are the days where we allow Iran to win a nuclear deal negotiation and stand silently by while North Korea test scores of nuclear weapons. As this Marine so eloquently put, they killed bad guys. Eventually, when the administration kills enough of them they will go away. Only time will tell how long it takes for them to achieve this goal.

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