Female Muslim-American Olympian Slams The USA! What She Says Will PISS YOU OFF!

The Olympics in Rio, Brazil have brought a lot of talk and dominated the media since it began. Whether it be the Zika virus, Michael Phelps, or a French gymnast breaking his leg. Now the focus is on Muslim American woman fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad. She made history as the first American to play in an Olympic game with a hijab on. Unfrotunately, she has already been eliminated.

The Federalist Papers reports,

“The Independent Journal reported, via The Daily Beast that Muhammad not only isn’t going around praising America and all the opportunities she’s been afforded, she’s going on a whining tour:

[I feel unsafe] all the time. I had someone follow me home from practice and try to report me to police. And this is right on 28th and 7th in New York City…

I want people to know that as hard as [these racist incidents] are on me, they don’t come even close to things we’ve seen like the shooting in North Carolina or the rhetoric around the Khan family at the DNC. “It’s ridiculous and we as a country have to change and I feel like this is our moment.”

Some might argue if it’s so terrible then why does she remain living here? But she would argue, she was born and raised in New Jersey as was her family, this is her home and she has every right and desire to remain in her home country.

Some of the comments on the article posted include one from Ken Belangia,

“If she does not like it here and she feels afraid then let her go back to the cesspool she came one less metal at the games would be worth getting rid of her ungrateful whinny ass.”

Aimee Pister said,

“How does she know that person following her was trying to report her to police? Maybe they were walking home also and lives in that neighborhood.”

What are your thoughts?

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