Female Navy Veteran Gets Revenge For Nasty Note Left On Her Car

A female veteran recently had to deal with some military discrimination outside of a Harris Teeter grocery store in Concord, North Carolina. Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Landis Hayes, a former Navy doctor, rightfully parked her car in a veterans assigned parking space.

She told People magazine,

“I don’t usually use them. I don’t feel comfortable. I’m perfectly capable of walking and I’m always afraid someone might call me out.”

Our society has become so liberalized that an army veteran feels ashamed of using a parking space specifically set aside for her. It’s shameful.


Non profit organizations across the country have fundraised money to sponser or special parking spaces for veterans similar to parking spots for the handicapped and expectant mothers. It’s the communities way of giving back to those who have served our country.

Despite the fact she had every right to use the veterans parking space she came back to a car with an incredibly rude note on it chastising her for using the space.

Her graceful response,

“I thought, ‘Wow, people really do think this way! I’ve been lucky my whole life: This was the first time someone singled me out and said I couldn’t be something because I was a woman. I was angry and sad. I’d like to think in a world where we have the first female as a major candidate for president, someone shouldn’t be making those assumptions anymore.”

But she got the perfect revenge when she posted the note on Facebook and it went viral.

She emphasized,

“I am shocked all of these people are sharing this. We identify that this is an issue in our society. Hillary Clinton is running for president and people think women can’t be veterans. We need to learn in this country not to make so many stereotypes.”

Everyone on social media expressed their justifiable outrage. We now live in a country that shames veterans for their years of service.

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