Female Pizza Delivery Driver Stops Robber with a Gun, Liberals Demands She Doesn’t get Fired

Who hates guns? Liberals! yup… no one else is stupid enough to demand she be fired for suc

From Young Cons: No matter what the job, a person should have the right to defend themselves in the event of an attack the best way they see fit.

If Barack Obama wants to openly carry, go for it.

The same should be said for Joe Schmoe pizza delivery driver.

From BPR:

Around 8PM on Jan 11. a female pizza delivery driver for Papa John’s was making a delivery to a home in DeKalb County when she was met by a man who acted like the delivery was for him.

The man pulled out a gun and forced the unnamed woman out of her car and onto the ground in an attempt to rob her, reported CBS 46.

The driver reached for her gun and shot the assailant Donquaz Stevenson, 24, in the face.

Although Papa Johns prohibits the carrying of weapons by their drivers the company said no disciplinary action would be forthcoming after a social media outcry of customers defending her.

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Why doesn’t Papa John’s allow their employees to carry? I know they’re not the only place that does this, but it’s such an idiotic rule.

Who does it benefit? Not the driver. Not other Americas. Just criminals, really.

Thankfully, this particular driver understood her Second Amendment rights, and because of it, she was not harmed.

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