FEMALE TEACHER TURNED SNIPER: Meet The Bad Ass Sniper Chick Fighting ISIS On the Syrian Frontline


Maybe Obama should take a few lessons from her.

A Kurdish primary school teacher has spoken of how she quit her job to fight ISIS on the frontline near Kobane in Syria.

Denis Sipan left her school in the Syrian part of Kurdistan five months ago to join the a rebel enclave of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units(YPG) as a sniper.

The Kurdish forces made fresh advances yesterday near Kobane, where ISIS surrendered last week, bringing the number of recaptured villages to 50, 

‘If we didn’t do it, the whole place will be full of ISIS, and they’ll destroy everything,’ Denis Sipan told CBS News.

When asked what it would take for her to give up fighting and go back to teaching, Ms Sipan replied:  ‘I don’t think that’s going to happen.

‘I need to protect myself, my friends, my people, and my country.’

She also revealed that although the YPG and rebel groups are making advances against ISIS, they are woefully under-equipped and she is forced to share her rifle with another sniper.

Ms Sipan fights alongside local volunteers, a group made up of wheat-farmers, housewives and shop owners, using weapons they have bought on the black market. 

‘The number of villages reclaimed by the YPG… has risen to 50,’ the Britain-based group said.

The YPG’s advances come amid fresh US-led coalition air strikes against IS positions around Kobane.

According to the Pentagon, coalition warplanes carried out 11 strikes against IS positions in the area from Tuesday to Wednesday morning.

The Observatory says 10 IS militants have been killed in fighting around Kobane since the Kurds reclaimed the town. 

—Courtesy of Clash Daily

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