Smug Feminist Journalist Who Thought Ivanka Deserved Gay Attack, Gets Knocked The HELL OUT By Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)

Not many people defended the jerk who harassed Ivanka Trump as she was sitting on a JetBlue flight with her children. But TeenVogue writer Lauren Duca did. After the incident went viral, Duca took to Twitter, sneering at the idea that what happened was inappropriate:

Duca doubled down on that, saying that being the president’s daughter doesn’t exempt her from criticism, and accused her of a “sinister complicity” in her father’s agenda. And Tucker Carlson was not having it at all.

Carlson invited Duca to be a guest on his show, and Duca did not appreciate being questioned. After Carlson pointed out that it’s not appropriate to be harassed in public in front of her children, Duca began to melt down. “What are the venues where you shouldn’t scream your political views at people? Would a funeral be out-of-bounds? Church? Her son’s bris? Like what are the rules on that?” Carlson asked. “Yeah, well, what I think is a nonpartisan issue is that air travel is horrific and I don’t think anybody should be enduring confrontations in the air, be it Ivanka Trump with her children or just any other human being in a tin can and feeling dehydrated,” Duca responded.

“At the same time, she does have an incredibly powerful position,” Duca added. “She’s not just a mother; she is a powerful, powerful woman who is connected very closely to the president-elect, not just as his daughter, but in many ways as his business confidant, an adviser. And I think that we haven’t quite been able to define what all those roles mean,” Duca continued. “So, while I don’t want anyone being yelled at on a plane, I don’t want anyone yelling at me on a plane, I don’t want to yell at anyone on a plane, but I think that, you know, Ivanka’s incredibly compelling brand and presence and role as a mother and successful woman, those are interesting and attractive elements of her brand.”

“That’s not at all what your tweet suggested,” Carlson interjected, showing a tweet from Duca which read, “Ivanka HAS IT ALL, & by that I mean, ‘a job, family, & sinister complicity in aiding the most aggressively anti-woman candidate of our time'”. “Sinister complicity? She’s his daughter! What does that mean?” Carlson asked. Duca explained that because Ivanka was willing to give speeches and campaign on her father’s behalf is what made her complicit in Trump’s “sinister” agenda, adding that people shouldn’t be “blinded by the fact that she looks like she smells like vanilla.”

The conversation ended up becoming a back-and-forth of the two trading barbs. Eventually, Duca snapped at Carlson, saying, “You’re actually being a partisan hack that’s just attacking me ad nauseam and not allowing me to speak.”

Carlson got the last laugh, though, when he pointed out that Duca’s real job is to write about frivolous topics like Ariana Grande and thigh-high boots, adding, “You should stick to the thigh-high boots. You’re better at that.” Duca had just enough time to give a look of utter shock before she was cut off, saying, “You’re a sexist pig.”

Watch the awesome exchange.

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