Feral Thug Used His Car To Mow Down Cops— Just Got SLAPPED By The JUDGE!

25-year-old Jamera Fisher tried to run over a Delaware police officer and got himself shot as a result. Lucky for him, he lived. The officer did not shoot him fatally, but instead shot him enough to wound him and apprehend him. Fisher received immediate medical attention as well. Another suspect was also arrested in the incident.


Delaware State News – Authorities alleged that Mr. Fisher — wanted on a court capias for failure to appear — drove a vehicle aggressively toward police in the Capital Green neighborhood before an officer opened fire and wounded him.

Also arrested on drug-related charges was passenger Kylen Ewell, 22, of Harrington, who was not injured during the confrontation in the 400 block of New Castle Avenue at approximately 12:22 p.m. His warrant information was also sealed.

Mr. Fisher was charged with first-degree reckless endangering (four counts), possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a deadly weapon, possession of marijuana, third-degree conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance (two counts) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Other 25-year-olds are just getting their careers started and this guy has a wrap sheet longer than a resume. What goes wrong when the kids are young that they turn out like this guy? Who are this guys parents? A couple of crackheads?

At some point you can’t blame parenting because the kids will make their own decisions. Now this man is 25 and still adding charges to his sheet. He should be focused on adding accomplishments to his career, not racketeering.

This is the stupid crimes that usually end up with no gain. Just pointless crime and people need to stop committing them.

Now if he got away with robbing a bank, then fine. At least it paid off. But what do these little petty crimes do for anyone? Not much. Literally nothing.

Ever see those guys who rob a corner store? What do they get, about $100 and a few bags of chips?

Not worth it. Don’t do the crime because the time is ridiculous.

And don’t try to run over cops unless you want to get shot. That’s how you get shot.

trying to get shot

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